Learn more about crypto trading with our new feature: CryptoLocally African Academy!

2 min readApr 26, 2021

After recently announcing the incubation of Gemslab, a game studio based in Africa, Ghana. We are pleased to announce that we’re opening our CryptoLocally African Academy. The academy will provide basic cryptocurrency trading courses free for all users.

Our vision is to provide more people with quality education on cryptocurrency and trading from a trusted source, we have acquired and incorporated to our platform the crypto trading courses from the fast-growing African academy: Finance Bridge Academy.

Finance bridge academy was providing crypto trading courses for African users (mostly in Nigeria), users had to pay to have access to these courses. CryptoLocally acquired the Finance Bridge Academy courses and is making these courses free for any P2P crypto trading platform users.

We understand that lack of funds is one of the major challenges new users encounter in acquiring quality financial education. Hence, we are providing our African users with this program at zero cost on our platform. This will equip you with the skills you need to leverage cryptocurrency and make more money from it.

What you will be learning?

In this masterclass, you will learn the fundamentals of crypto trading and how to apply your skills to real-life scenarios. Besides, you will learn how to search for opportunities, how to identify trades with good prospects, and how to increase your gain while at the same time minimizing your loss.

Why Finance Bridge Academy courses?

Finance Bridge Academy is a strategic trading and investment education company with over six years of experience trading in the financial markets. It has been providing paid trading courses for Africans, mostly in Nigeria and Ghana, educating them on how to get more out of trading this new asset class. Now integrated into CryptoLocally’s ecosystem, these paid online courses are available for free for all registered users on their P2P platform

The acquisition of FBT academy opens the door to more courses in the future for other regions globally, especially in Asia. It is the first step to a larger international crypto academy.

How to join the CryptoLocally African Academy

You can be part of this free program by visiting our CryptoLocally African Academy page, click on ”enrol for free” and then simply sign up on our African Academy platform to get access to the +6 hours of video!




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