GemsLab is Officially CryptoLocally’s First Incubation Project

We are proud to announce our first incubation project with GemsLab, the creators of Angry Warlords and Dragon Fly. GemsLab is a game studio based in Africa, Ghana, that develops blockchain games for non-blockchain gamers. Its simple yet exciting games appeal to casual gamers who make up a huge portion of the gaming population, making it a perfect fit to introduce blockchain and crypto to the masses.

Introducing Blockchain Through Gaming

By building intuitive games that everyone can enjoy, while integrating blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, GemsLab has created a very effective onboarding mechanism for non-blockchain users.

Solving the Challenges of blockchains For Mass Adoption

At the moment, not too many people outside of the industry are keen on using blockchain-based applications. Older generation blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum are far too slow and too expensive to operate, not to mention the steep learning curve of how to use them…

The Games

The second game released by GemsLab is called Dragon Fly. It is set in the world of clouds where players fly their dragon through an endless and challenging terrain. Players earn GEMs by successfully navigating the terrain bouncing from one platform to another with the aim of reaching the furthest point they can. The game is downloadable for Android and iOS (beta).

GEM tokens that are earned in these games can be traded into EOS, TELOS, and soon WAX. They are listed in decentralized exchanges Newdex and GEM tokens can also be used to purchase in-game items or game characters.

The TELOS Blockchain

Aside from a better resource management system, TELOS has a more decentralized governance model as well as a clear and coherent worker proposal system dubbed as Telos Works. It is the way that Telos users can guide and pay for the development, promotion, and growth of the Telos network. This translates to a more developer-friendly environment, cheaper account creation, and a more viable network to use for incentivized gaming.

You can already buy and sell TLOS P2P on CryptoLocally!

CryptoLocally’s Support

We are looking forward to a long, lasting, and mutually beneficial partnership with GemsLab. Together we hope we can help spur mass adoption by offering blockchain-based games that appeal to the masses!

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