USDJ & JST Are Now Available On CryptoLocally!

3 min readJun 15, 2020


We are delighted to announce that we are adding USDJ and JST to our platform! CryptoLocally users will now be able to conduct trades using USDJ and JST as part of our efforts to expand the ever-growing ecosystem. USDJ is a new stablecoin cryptocurrency backed by TRON whose value is tied to the price of the US dollar. JUST (JST) is the protocol and governance token of the JUST Network. Holders of JST tokens will be able to vote on issues relating to the proper operation of the decentralized stablecoin issuance platform. With these new listings, CryptoLocally has become the first Peer-to-Peer trading platform to list USDJ and JST.

Why USDJ and JST?

We are continuously striving to bring product and service updates that would provide the most value to our platform. Thus, in our efforts to expand and optimize CryptoLocally we have been onboarding various blockchain projects. When we first started supporting blockchains out of the EOS ecosystem, we have previously onboarded TRX and USDT-TRC20. With the addition of the two newest tokens in the TRON systems, USDJ and JST, we now support most of the major tokens on the TRON network.


USDJ is a US dollar-pegged stablecoin built on top of the TRON blockchain. Its value is tied to the US dollar and is issued through a decentralized lending platform to create collateralized debt positions (CDPs) backed by cryptocurrencies. USDJ is part of a growing category of digital assets designed specifically to counter the volatility risk associated with using cryptocurrencies.


The JUST system of governance relies mainly on JST holders. Holders of JST tokens have earning rights from the revenue generated from stability fees of USDJ. They also have the right to vote on how to regulate risk, choose global settlers that resolve volatility when the price of USDJ deviates drastically from its US Dollar peg, and select valid proposals that can bring more value into Just Network’s ecosystem. Interested parties who want to participate in governing and shaping the future of this network can do so simply by holding JST tokens.

TRADING GIVEAWAY: We’re giving away 500 USDJ!

In order to celebrate the listing of these two tokens, we are giving away 500 USDJ! Participants will have the chance to win USDJ by simply following CryptoLocally on Twitter and trading USDJ on CryptoLocally. This giveaway will begin on June 15, 2020 and end on June 22, 2020. You can find more details about the trading giveaway here.

Buying and Selling USDJ and JST

Buying and selling USDJ and JST on CryptoLocally’s platform is very simple. For returning users, all they have to do is change to USDJ and JST on our fast, easy-to-use, P2P platform they have grown to love.
New users can easily start trading on our platform by registering with a valid email address. You can learn more about how to trade USDJ and JST by reading our guide.




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