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We are happy and excited to announce that we are adding support for USDT-TRC20! Now CryptoLocally users will be able to buy and sell USDT cheaper and faster by leveraging TRON’s high-performance blockchain. It has always been our promise to support digital assets that will bring more value into our ecosystem and USDT-TRC20 is no exception. USDT is the largest stablecoin by market capitalization and has remained as one of the top traded crypto in the market today.

CryptoLocally and USDT-TRC20: how does it work?

With the addition of this new listing, USDT-TRC20 holders who are new to the CryptoLocally platform will be delighted to know that they will be able to buy and sell their digital assets within minutes after registration, safely and privately.

Trading USDT-TRC20 in our platform will follow the same secure, easy, and effective process that our customers have grown to love. All it takes is to switch the active crypto being traded to USDT-TRC20 in the selection menu (see gif below).

In addition, like any other digital assets already supported on our platform, USDT-TRC20 transactions are protected by an escrow to guarantee that all trades are secured until the end of the transaction. This service is executed through a smart contract to ensure the non-custodial handling of funds being traded.

New users will be happy to know that our trading platform requires no prior experience to use. More importantly, additional help is always available online via our onsite integrated chat or our official Telegram chat group. Our team of support specialists is always available, ready to help customers needing assistance.


Tether (USDT) is a multi-chain digital asset issued in some of the leading cryptocurrency platforms in the industry — Omni, Ethereum, TRON, EOS, Liquid, and Alogrand. USDT has consistently ranked among the top 5 cryptocurrencies in the market. Currently, it ranks 4th in terms of market capitalization which stands at $6.4 billion. It has also ranked 1st as the most active cryptocurrency in the market.

It is part of a growing class of less volatile digital assets called stablecoins whose values are tied to a stable asset like sovereign currencies and commodities. For USDT, it is tied to the US dollar value, to ensure its peg, each USDT issued is backed with an equal amount of US dollars. This allows traders the option to store their digital currencies in crypto that is not easily affected by the highly volatile price movement of the crypto industry.

The TRON based USDT is an excellent choice for users who are looking for a stable and non-volatile digital asset that they can quickly move at a low cost. Unlike its Omni and Ethereum counterparts, USDT-TRC20 takes advantage of TRON’s more scalable and cost-efficient blockchain that enables it to move USDT faster and cheaper. This makes it a more suitable choice for those who want to utilize USDT as a medium of exchange especially in micropayments. TRON based USDT has recently overtaken Omni to become the second-largest USDT issuance platform, a clear sign of its increasing popularity.

Start trading USDT-TRC20 on CryptoLocally today. For more information about CryptoLocally, check out our Telegram channel and Twitter account.

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