The new Cryptolocally platform is finally here!

4 min readJun 11, 2021


When we launched in 2018, Cryptolocally focused on delivering the most secure way to trade P2P. This principle came to life with our smart escrow — a non-custodial, smart contract powered solution that eliminates the middleman across all trades.

Ever since then, Cryptolocally grew massively by consistently adding new tokens and payment methods. Of course, we added features that put us on the forefront of the industry. With GIVernance, we became the first fully decentralized P2P marketplace. With the Earn Wallet (previously called the Finance Wallet), we became the first P2P exchange to have a DeFi (decentralized finance) feature.

With more groundbreaking changes arriving soon, we thought now was the best time to deliver a foundational update. So, the team worked hard to deliver the largest overhaul — inside and out — to our platform to date.

To celebrate the launch of our highly anticipated new Cryptolocally platform, we are giving away $2000 USD in GIV to lucky winners! Check the rules here.

A brand new look

We combined the key parts of the previous interface with a new intuitive design, making for a familiar yet refreshing user experience. New users will be able to navigate the platform and trade more easily, growing the user base even faster.

A DeFi powerhouse

The code behind Cryptolocally is more sophisticated than ever. We have new partnerships that we will be introducing over the coming months.

More supported currencies

As decided by GIVernance, our governance platform, we will shortly be adding support for BTT and USDT/USDC on the Solana blockchain.

What is Cryptolocally?

Cryptolocally is the world’s first fully decentralized P2P finance system. The advantages of using Cryptolocally include:

  • Low transaction cost: There are no hidden expenses or fees and transaction costs are modest. See our fee page for more details.
  • High security and privacy: No need to provide endless lists of documents to authenticate your identity. After all, the smart contract ensures that the entire process is impartial and protects all transactions. So, your transaction is highly secured and insulated.
  • Easy and quick: You have 50+ payment methods and 20+ coins to choose from. Given such versatility and secure trading procedure, the entire transaction is instant and seamless. Altcoin transactions are finally made easy.
  • Local
    Cryptolocally enables online and offline transactions in locations and currencies ignored by the traditional banking industry. A wide range of payment methods is supported to empower all types of users and give them a chance to play their part in the crypto economic revolution.
  • Non-custodial and Secure
    Cryptolocally never holds your funds, the selected crypto is sent directly from your personal wallet to the smart contract on chain and is secured by the escrow until the end of the trade. At the end of the trade, the buyer will receive the crypto directly to his personal wallet. No third party can lay a hand on your crypto. No deposits are needed, you always keep control of your keys!
  • Human
    Unlike centralized crypto exchanges, Cryptolocally enables users to trade directly with one another. This makes the transaction simple and fast, doesn’t require any trading skills and removes the need of centralised corporate intermediaries.
  • Earn crypto while trading
    Every time you complete a trade, you will earn 1% of the value of the trade (in USD) in $GIV. $GIV is our native token, trading on our platform is the best way to earn $GIV
  • Earn interest
    Cryptolocally sets itself apart from most other local cryptocurrency exchanges thanks to its Earn Wallet feature, which allows users to earn a passive income on their balance. In fact, Cryptolocally’s Earn Wallet is considered one of the best DeFi wallets in the entire crypto space, as it automatically allocates its users’ funds to the protocol with the best return in real-time (e.g., Compound, Aave, maker and dy/dx).
  • Fully Decentralised
    With GIVernance, GIV holders have now the power to participate in creating and voting proposals that determine the direction of the development of Cryptolocally’s ecosystem. Those who choose to participate are only required to stake their GIV tokens.




The first fully decentralised P2P crypto trading platform!