The Community Has Spoken, BTC (Native) is Now Available For Trading!

We are excited to inform the community that we are adding support for BTC (native) on CryptoLocally. Our users will now be able to trade Bitcoins with our secure, easy-to-use, and community-run P2P platform. Bitcoin once again captivated the entire investing community, catapulting its prices towards its all-time-high with its momentum being sustained by consistent huge inflows of institutional money trying to capitalize on its bullish trend.

CryptoLocally & BTC

We are the world’s first fully decentralized peer-to-peer crypto marketplace. Our platform supports many high-performance blockchains including ETH, EOS, TRON, BNB, and WAX. Positioned as a high-performance next-generation P2P exchange, we previously added support for Binance chain-based Bitcoins BTC(BEP2). These are tokens whose values are pegged to the price of BTC and are redeemable on the world’s largest centralized exchange, Binance.

Today, we will be listing BTC on our platform after seeing the community’s persistent demand and overwhelming votes on our GIVernance portal to list native Bitcoin. This marks the very first proposal ever to have passed on CryptoLocally’s GIVernance shared governance model. It is just befitting that the original, most popular, and widely used cryptocurrency in the world is the first proposal approved by the GIV holders.

This will unlock the massive peer-to-peer market of Bitcoin translating to more users, more trades, and more volume. It will help accelerate word-of-mouth marketing, enhance the trading experience by its users with more available trade options, and increase the overall value of CryptoLocally.

How to Trade BTC on CryptoLocally

Existing customers will be delighted to know that buying BTC will follow the same simple standard procedures they are familiar with. Like we do for any other digital asset traded on our platform, we use non-custodial P2P escrows to help secure each and every native BTC trade.

Read our guide to learn how to trade BTC on CryptoLocally or watch the video below:

Concluding remarks

With this new listing, we are positioning ourselves as the leader of true decentralized P2P trading. Peer-to-Peer Bitcoin traders from around the globe can now experience a truly decentralized trading venue like no other before.

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