SENSE Token is Now Available on CryptoLocally!

We are excited to announce the listing of SENSE Token on Cryptolocally! As part of our rapidly expanding digital asset options, our users will now be able to buy and sell SENSE Token using their local currency! The inclusion of SENSE Token to CryptoLocally is part of our expansion within the EOS ecosystem. With this new addition, CryptoLocally will be the first P2P exchange to support SENSE Token.

Why SENSE Token?

Our goal at CryptoLocally is to bring together the best high-value products and services for our users. This is why we are constantly upgrading our service offering by integrating new blockchains into the CryptoLocally ecosystem. In the past few weeks, we added various digital assets from newly added high-performance blockchain networks and we believe that SENSE Token best follows our growth strategy.

What is SENSE Token?

SENSE Token is a utility token on the SENSE.Chat platform, a blockchain-based chat application showcasing the revolution currently happening in messaging and community tools. Built on the EOSblockchain, SENSE Token enables users to transfer value through SENSE.Chat. SENSE Token is also used to incentivize value creation in the ecosystem, pay for channel subscriptions, and establish trust and reputation (through staking tokens) within the SENSE.Chat’s platform. As a platform that strives to bring the best products to our customers, we believe this messaging product has plenty of potential, which is why we are thrilled to bring SENSE Token to our users.

Buying and Selling SENSE Token

Buying and selling SENSE Token on CryptoLocally’s platform is very simple. For returning users, all they have to do is change the currency to SENSE Token on our fast, easy-to-use, P2P platform. New users can easily start trading on our platform after signing up.
You can learn more about how to create an offer and how to trade SENSE Token on CryptoLocally by reading our guide.

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