New Feature: EOSDT is now available!

Hello EOSLocally community!

Last week has been a busy week for us at EOSLocally. In the past week, we have announced the release of WAX and a light version of USDT onto our platform and today we are announcing that EOSDT is now available to trade on our platform! This will be the second “stablecoin” now available to trade on!

EOSLocally and EOSDT — How does it work?

EOSLocally is the first decentralized and secure person-to-person EOS trading platform, where traders are able to buy and sell EOS in a fast and efficient way, either in cash or via online payment in the currency of their choice. EOSDT is the third cryptocurrency we have added to our platform in the past week and users can now take advantage of unique features of EOSLocally when trading EOSDT.
On, EOSDT and EOS are traded in the exact same way! The only extra step you have to do is “switch” from EOS to EOSDT (see the gif below).

Here’s a brief summary of how you can trade EOSDT on our platform:

1. Open Trades

Create an offer or choose an existing one to start trading. After the buyer and seller agree on terms, the seller can transfer EOSDT to the secure escrow.

2. Peer-to-Peer transaction

Send the agreed amount of local currency and confirm the payment. Before the payment, trade cancellation and escrow refunds are possible without any hassle.

3. Release funds

Once the funds have been received, the seller can safely release the escrow. The EOSDT amount will instantly be transferred to the buyer’s wallet.

Visit our guide to learn more about how to trade EOSDT, WAX or EOS on EOSLocally!

What is EOSDT and why is it important?

EOSDT is a decentralized EOS based coin within the group of “stablecoins” that is in accordance with the Equilibrium framework. Similarly to USDT, EOSDT is pegged to the US dollar but is also backed by other cryptocurrencies. As with other stablecoins, EOSDT offers holders a stable and reliable price, protected against volatility and remaining at a price of 1 USD. It is because of this stability and resistance to risk that EOSDT is used for 4 primary reasons.

For more specific information, you can visit the EOSDT website

If you have any questions, feel free to reach us on our Telegram channel!



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