March Token Burns and April Staking Rewards

Dear GIV Guild,

We would like to give the token holder community our monthly update on GIV token burns for March, as well as staking reward stats.

Token Burns

Approximately 210,768 GIV tokens were burned today:

This is based on the staking rewards given to the foundation and the GIV burned through withdrawal fees and GIV purchases made on CryptoLocally throughout March.

March Staking Rewards

GIV staking rewards for this month have been distributed already:

2021 Staking Rewards

In 2021, until further notice, total staking rewards for liquidity provision on the ETH/GIV Uniswap pool will remain at 2M GIV/month. The USDC/GIV Balancer Pool LPs will now stop receiving staking rewards, so that liquidity can be concentrated on Uniswap. LPs are encouraged to migrate to Uniswap.

Trading bonuses and APY for GIV for staking on the Finance Wallet on CryptoLocally will also remain at 10% APY.

The logistics for distribution and tracking will remain the same as before.

Further Reading

CryptoLocally GIV White Paper

CryptoLocally (GIV) GitHub

About the GIV Token

This information is not investment advice. Please read the full disclaimer before investing.

About CryptoLocally (GIV)

CryptoLocally is providing non-custodial smart contract escrows for peer-to-peer digital assets trading. CryptoLocally has been designed with ease-of-use in mind so that anyone can gain access to these technologies.







The first fully decentralised P2P crypto trading platform!

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The first fully decentralised P2P crypto trading platform!

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