LEGENDS OF MITRA (LoM) Releases Whitepaper

3 min readJul 30, 2021

They say good things come to those who wait and apart from this, good things make up the content enough to excite those who have waited for the Legends of Mitra whitepaper. For all our game lovers we will give you a tip of the iceberg here and of course refer you to the whitepaper to fill yourself with all the details. Indeed it is an exciting journey. You can say it is the beginning of your journey to becoming a LEGEND.

Let’s dive in.

Before highlighting the exciting features of LoM, let’s integrate you with what Legend of Mitra is all about. Of course, you must have guessed that it is a game. You’re not wrong, this is a game built on multiple blockchains: WAX, Algorand, Ethereum and Binance Chain. LoM is primarily a free to earn game that rewards you for your passion, skills, and engagement in the game with MITA tokens and NFTs. In other words, play and earn MITA and NFTs. In our lingo, we call this ‘Human Mining’.

Now that you know this, you must be wondering what LoM would look like, what other features aside from the game design would LoM come with. Yes! That’s why we are here to give you the nitty-gritty details ranging from Limited sale of NFT, a private token sale, the different play modes, a roadmap and finally, Human mining.


Just like your regular adventure games, characters are to be unlocked. However, for LoM, these characters (Heroes) are NFTs and are limited.

Upon signup, LoM players would be given a free character ‘Doku’

Heroes come with unique features and you can find more details here


As you may know, the MITA token will power the LoM ecosystem and of course, this token comes with exciting features some of which are available on multiple chains; first with WaX and then on Algo, Ethereum, and Binance chain. Remember Human mining? Players will be able to earn MITA through this process which entails being skillful, engaging, and being rewarded accordingly.

You can get more details on human mining here.


The roadmap for the development of LoM is organized in Quarters across 4 years starting 2021 till 2024.

As of this moment, 90% of Quarter 3,2021 has been achieved; from the design and implementation of 4 heroes to launch of the LoM website. Quarter 4, 2021 will cover Limited sale of Heroes on Wax & Opensea, Complete Chapter 3 and 4, Addition of 2 more heroes, Eth <> Wax NFT Bridge for LoM, and Private IDO of MITA tokens. Details on other quarters of the roadmap can be found here.


LoM will consist of two choices as play modes both leading to different outcomes. To discover the story leading to the choices click here

The first choice otherwise known as Choice A requires you fighting Ólachthíz and coming out victorious to break the curse, while choice B requires you helping Ólachthíz as she helps you break the curse without having to battle her. She eventually apologizes and offers to watch over the planet.

Are you smiling from excitement? Yes, we are too.

For further details on the Lore, Gameplay, Forts, and skills required and towers visit the whitepaper and exhaust yourself, we have a lot to make you as excited as ever.


As we mentioned before, Human mining is the process of earning rewards as you engage or play LoM. The next question should be: How is it calculated to be measured?

LoM uses a process called Gem score and other factors such as Raw score, engagement, and halving to attain required rewards for LoM players.

Of course, you’ll be able to trade P2P your earned cryptocurrency on Cryptolocally.

Find out full details of the process of Half mining here.

Kindly head to the whitepaper and digest all the information provided. You can as well follow the LoM community and get timely updates:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LegendsOfMitra

Telegram: https://t.me/LegendsOfMitra

Website: https://legendsofmitra.com/

Discord: https://discord.gg/KPjju5vhAB

Medium: https://medium.com/@legendsofmitra




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