Introducing the next blockchain game: Legends of Mitra

We are excited to share the extensive progress Gem Studios (previously GemsLab) made on its third blockchain game, Legends of Mitra. A short clip recently released hints at the battles users will be having all over the world. A dedicated website showcases more details on the game’s development stages and promises a multi-platform launch on Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS.

Gem Studios is Cryptolocally’s first incubation project and the creators of renowned blockchain games like Angry Warlords and Dragon Fly. Its mission is to introduce blockchain and crypto to the masses through casual games that seamlessly integrate blockchain technology.

Introducing Legends of Mitra

The blockchain element is intuitively placed in the main character, which is a non-fungible token (NFT). Players will be able to upgrade their character and sell to other players. The game also has a native utility token, MITA that you can earn as you play the game.

In this prototype gameplay video, we can see the game engine in action. Players are constantly faced with enemies whose strength and endurance increase as the level progresses: there is no easy moment. The infinite possibilities of strategies and decisions to be made across 60 levels make this a game that will entertain and challenge all players.

Blockchain Through Gaming

Solving the Challenges of Blockchain For Mass Adoption

The Games

The second game released by Gem Studios is called Dragon Fly. It is set in the world of clouds, where players fly their dragons through an endless and challenging terrain. Players earn GEMs by successfully navigating the terrain bouncing from one platform to another with the aim of reaching the furthest point they can. The game is downloadable for Android and iOS (beta).

GEM tokens that are earned in these games can be traded into EOS, TELOS, and soon WAX. They are listed in decentralized exchanges Newdex and GEM tokens can also be used to purchase in-game items or game characters.

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