How to trade GIV & add liquidity on Serum?

GIV has been listed on Serum Swap:
The pool size is around 200K USD at the time of writing.

  1. Make sure you have some SOL on
  2. Click on the “+” button on the top right in order to add the GIV token to your wallet

3. Input the ERC-20 GIV token address: 0xf6537FE0df7F0Cc0985Cf00792CC98249E73EFa0

4. You should be able to see the wrapped GIVToken section on your wallet:

5. Click “Receive” and click on the ERC20 GIV tab. Convert some ERC20 GIV into SPL GIV.

  1. To add liquidity, go here:
    You can add liquidity for GIV with any pair you’d like.
    You may have to input the GIV SPL token address to find it on the token selector: 5MqEiyKXi3bU2EDcwGoohb6tLe4zKRjWkycvp7Xa662E
    Use the link provided above if in doubt.

Similarly, you can swap for GIV using the “Trade” tab:

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