How to swap between GIV (BEP-2) and GIV (ERC-20)

Hello GIV Guild,

This is a quick guide that shows everyone the few simple steps needed to swap between GIV (BEP-2) and GIV (ERC-20). For more information on GIV tokens and the difference between BEP-2 and ERC-20, please refer to this article.

Note that GIV tokens will be distributed to members of the greater blockchain and DeFi ecosystem using a Bonding Curve Distribution at 13:00 UTC on Tuesday, September 29th 2020.

The bridge to GIV (ERC-20) will open at the conclusion of the Bonding Curve Distribution Event at 13:00 UTC on Thursday, October 1st. Before then, attempts to use the bridge will remind the user (with a pop-up) that the bridge is not open until after the Bonding Curve Distribution Event.

2 Simple Steps!

If you have not done so already, you will need to sign up for a CryptoLocally account and go to the GIV dashboard.

When you are on the dashboard page, click the “Deposit” button. The following panel will show up on your screen:

Follow the instructions given and click “Check for Deposit”. If the transaction has already been confirmed on chain, the GIV will show up in your account.

Alternatively, you can refresh the page and CryptoLocally will automatically detect your transfer(s). You can find transaction history on the “GIV History” tab:

2. Withdraw GIV ERC-20
Click on the “Withdraw” button and set the “Transfer Network” to ERC-20:

Fill in the information and click the “Withdraw button”:

Upon a successful request, the GIV will be transferred to the ERC-20 address that you specified.

Extra: Switching back to BEP-2

To switch back to BEP-2, you simply have to follow the same steps, but start by transferring ERC-20 into CryptoLocally and withdrawing as BEP-2:

Note that ERC-20 deposits may take longer to process (5–10 minutes), since CryptoLocally waits until a sufficient number of block confirmations have been reached.

It is expected that this will not be the only bridge between GIV (BEP-2) and GIV (ERC-20). We believe that in the future, the GIV Guild community and/or the greater blockchain and DeFi ecosystem will develop additional solutions of their own.

GIV Auction Summary

  • Hard cap: 30M GIV tokens (3% of total supply) minus the whitelist allocation of approx 1.5M.
  • Start date and time: 13:00 UTC on Tuesday, September 29th
  • End date and time: 13:00 UTC on Thursday, October 1st
  • Where: To be shared through CryptoLocally Website
    Alternatively, use Mesa
  • Duration: 48 hours or until the total GIV allocated has been claimed
  • Initial Price: 0.0065 USDC/GIV
  • Currencies: USDC
  • Everyone should read the GIV legal disclaimer before participating

Watch out for Scams!

Whenever you are in doubt, you are more than welcome to reach out CryptoLocally admins on the CryptoLocally (GIV) Telegram community.

For your reference, the address of the GIV (ERC-20) token is:

GIV (BEP-2) was issued by the following address:


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