How to get GIV tokens

Step-By-Step Guide — Balancer

Key Facts

  • Where: Balancer
  • Listing time: 13:00 UTC, Oct 1st
  • Circulating Supply: Less than 13.8% as allocated here
  • Seeding Price: Ending price of Bonding Curve Distribution (whichever is lower from Mesa/Uniswap)
  • Massive staking rewards for liquidity providers
  • Pool: USDC/GIV (60/40)
  • 1M of the unsold GIV from the auction will be burned
  • ~20M GIV will be rewarded to liquidity providers as staking rewards
  1. Go to Balancer. Connect your wallet by clicking “Connect Wallet” at the top right. We recommend Metamask.

GUIDE — using Uniswap

1.Set up your wallet!

2.Place your order

3.Gas Fees


Guide — using Mesa

1. Set up your wallet (do this ASAP)!

2. Deposit your funds into the interface.

3. Place your order(s)


Watch out for scams!


Can I place multiple orders?

How can I cancel an order?

How long does each transaction take?

  1. The gas price that you set has an impact on the speed at which your order is placed. This may determine if your order gets placed in the current or next batch of orders.
  2. Once the order is submitted in the batch, the gas price that you initially set becomes irrelevant. All participants in the batch are equal in terms of gas at that point.
  3. Batches are filled and closed in 5 minute intervals.
  4. The solution is calculated at the end of each batch interval, and this defines the allocations for that batch of orders.

What happens after the transaction?

When do orders close? How will I know whether they are open?

Further Reading

About CryptoLocally (GIV)



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