How to earn crypto with CryptoLocally

4 min readApr 14, 2020


Earn crypto with CryptoLocally’s referral program!

We’re excited to announce our new referral program! We are continually looking for an innovative way to improve our service and make CryptoLocally the best P2P crypto trading platform available! To make that happen, we’ve decided to offer our users more than a fast and secure way to trade crypto P2P, we are now also giving them the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency as a passive income!

What is the CryptoLocally referral program?

CryptoLocally offers an easy, fast and secure way to trade crypto. With our new referral program, you will be able to promote CryptoLocally to your friends and earn crypto every time they complete a transaction! You can start sharing your referral link now in any country you want!

Why join our referral program?

  • All locations: Anyone around the world can trade on CryptoLocally with their local currency
  • No limits on trading: you don’t have any deposit or withdrawals limits on our platform
  • Instant payout: You can transfer your referral earnings whenever you want and instantly to your personal wallet. There is no minimum amount required to transfer your crypto.
  • Earn up to 20% on every completed transaction: Benefit from our referral program by earning cryptocurrency as a passive income, earn up to 20% of CryptoLocally’s fee for every successful trade your referrals make.
  • You can ask us anything: don’t hesitate to contact our team anytime on our telegram group if you have any questions!

How does it work?

The process is fast and easy, you just have to follow these simple 5 steps:

  1. Signup on CryptoLocally

You first need to signup on to get your own referral code.

2. Share your referral code

Once you’ve signed up and you are logged in, you can find your referral code and referral link on this page:
You can share your referral code or referral link with your friends, family or any users in the world!
Note that you can’t refer yourself.

3. Referral registration

After following your referral link, your referee must sign up using YOUR referral code. After that, you’ll earn up to 20% of CryptoLocally’s fee for every successful trade your referral make

4. Watch your earning

On this page: you can monitor how many users have signed up with your referral code, how many referred trades have been completed, the total referred trade volume per crypto and the total referrals’ revenue that you can claim.

5. Get paid whenever you want

You can claim your referral earnings anytime by simply clicking on the button “claim”. You will be able to transfer any of your referral earnings directly to your personal wallet!

Example of how it works:

Two different users signed up with your referral link, one of these two users just bought for 100 EOS on and the other user sold for 10 000 WAX on our platform. You earn up to 20% commission on the CryptoLocally trading fees from both users, you’ll then earn 0.198 EOS and 19.8 WAX.

You only earn crypto from completed transactions on our platform. You can transfer your earnings instantly whenever you want directly to your personal wallet.

What crypto do I earn with the referral program?

The crypto that you earn is the crypto that has been traded by your referee.

Example: Your referee has completed a trade to buy 10 000WAX, you’ll then receive 19.8WAX. Another referee has completed a trade to sell 100 EOS, you’ll then receive 0.198EOS.

How often are my earnings updated on my referral dashboard?

Your dashboard is updated almost instantly after a referee has signed up or completed a trade on

How many users can I refer with my referral code?

Your referral code can be shared with as many users that you like, the more users that have signed up with your referral code or link complete a trade, the more you’ll earn!




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