EOSLocally - November Product Update

4 min readNov 19, 2019
November Product Update

Hello to the EOSLocally community!

It’s been three amazing weeks since we launched EOSLocally on the EOS mainnet.

Since we haven’t had much time to look back at what we’ve accomplished, we decided to share the progress with you all.

Before we continue, we would like to give a warm thanks to the EOS community for their kind words on social media, the useful feedback, and especially for welcoming us with open arms.


Thanks to the comments and feedback that we have received from our users, we have managed to pinpoint possible improvements on the platform. Here’s what we’ve been working on in the last few weeks:

  • New payment methods

Since day one, the platform hasn’t had any location restrictions. EOSLocally users are trading in every corner of the world, from the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Brazil to India.

However, popular FIAT payment methods vary from one country to another.

We have added the following payment methods to ease trading:

  • Wechat Pay (China)
  • Toss (South Korea)
  • Kakao Pay (South Korea)
  • SEPA transfer (EU)
  • TransferWise (International)
  • Mercado Pago (South America)
  • Cash App (US)

We are planning to add more and more payment methods as we grow. Let us know what your favorite one is and why we should add it in the comments.

  • Online/Offline users

While interacting with users, we noticed that some of them faced difficulties bringing trades to completion as they couldn’t tell if other traders were online when opening a trade.

In order to ease trading and communication, we have added a feature displaying whether the trader is currently online, away or offline.

In addition, we have also increased the time frame on the first trading step, “Agree on Terms”, to give more time to users to answer to their trading partner.

  • Live support feature

We received questions about our escrow mechanism in our telegram channel and on social media. Even if our approach is more secure than other platforms out there, we understand that it can be a little scary to send funds to an unknown smart contract for the first time.

This is the main reason why we added a live chat support on the platform. Users that have questions while trading can reach out to us and we’ll help the best we can.

livechat support
  • EOS/USD reference price

At launch, we only had the Binance EOS/USDT price as reference for your offers. You can now use the Bitfinex EOS/USD price too.

EOS/USD source
  • Venezuela VES currency

Thanks to one of our Venezuelan users, we were able to fix a currency mistake.

In our currency list we were using the VEF, “bolívar fuerte” (strong bolívar) but as pointed out by this user it is being replaced by the VES, “bolívar soberano“ (sovereign bolivar).

The EOS community in Venezuela can now use EOSLocally smoothly.

  • Bug fixes

In addition to the features mentioned above, we’ve been fixing minor bugs reported by the community.

What’s Next?

We believe that the platform is stable and ready for the next big step. In fact, we are currently exploring new currencies to add as a trading pair to FIAT.

Let us know what your preferred EOS.IO currency is and why we should add it on the platform.

We’re also adding new ways to sign up and trade, a new referral program and much more. Stay tuned!

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Have a great day and GO EOS!

The EOSLocally team




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