EOSLocally is now CryptoLocally!

We are excited to announce that as of today, EOSLocally is now rebranded as CryptoLocally! We have updated our branding to better reflect who we are and what we offer to you!

Why are we rebranding?

Over recent months, our platform quickly evolved, and we thought it was time for our name to be more in-line with what our service has to and want to offer you.

A few months ago, we launched EOSLocally, the first P2P EOS trading platform, and since then have grown to include other EOS-based tokens (WAX, EOSDT, TLOS, EOS-USDT and BOS) that are available for trade on the platform.

But we aren’t stopping there. We are further expanding our product offering and will be soon adding more tokens from EOS chain but also from other chains.

What will change?

Apart from our name (including our website URL) and product offering, everything will remain the same!

CryptoLocally remains a decentralized platform that prioritizes user autonomy. That means we do not hold any of our users’ private keys and will operate with the same values and mission that made you trust us so far.

While our product range continues to grow, we remain true to our mission to enable users from all around the world to trade for any tokens with maximum efficiency and convenience, using their local currencies.

We aim to create more accessibility within the crypto marketplace, while staying approachable and transparent, and never straying from our passion and commitment to the work that we do.

What’s next?

Keep your eyes peeled and ears open for new coins from your favorite chains and your preferred payment methods coming to CryptoLocally very soon!

We will continue to listen closely to your feedback to improve our services and make CryptoLocally the best P2P trading platform available, while always placing your convenience and safety as our utmost priority.

Try CryptoLocally now!

Visit CryptoLocally and create your first trade today.

Signing up and creating an offer in your local currency is fast and easy — it will take you less than a minute!

Follow us on Twitter and feel free to ask any questions on our Telegram channel!



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