CryptoLocally Product Update: 2020 Recap

With this decade coming to a close, we wanted to share the important milestones CryptoLocally met this year. We have been especially focused on innovating within the P2P industry by adopting DeFi and decentralized governance. Our efforts now allow users to earn automated staking interest at the click of a button, choose from a palette with 19 new tokens and +20 new payment methods. They can even voice their opinions with our governance platform — GIVernance — which made us the first truly decentralized P2P platform!

Finance Wallet

The Finance Wallet made us the first P2P crypto exchange with a DeFi offering. We believe DeFi should be easy to use, regardless of your experience in the crypto space. So, the Finance Wallet lets you earn staking rewards on mainstream cryptocurrencies like ETH, DAI, GIV, and USDC in the easiest and fastest way possible, right from the CryptoLocally platform itself. Let us save you from hours of research and work.
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Finance Wallet V2

The latest version of the Finance Wallet 2.0, developed in partnership with Idle finance, uses CryptoLocally Vaults (CLVs) to revolutionize the yield farming industry and offer higher APYs than ever before. Being just as easy to use as the original Finance Wallet, Finance Wallet V2 lets anyone maximize their earning potential.
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GIVernance — CryptoLocally becoming fully decentralized

With our governance platform GIVernance, we became the first fully decentralized P2P crypto marketplace. GIVernance is an invitation to all GIV holders to cohesively decide where CryptoLocally is headed. It is a governance model involving proposals, which users can create or support by voting. Any GIV holder can post proposals by creating a new topic on the forum portal and submitting it to the GIVernance portal

Learn how GIVernance works by reading our guide.

Tokens available for trading

As a platform that started out as a P2P marketplace, we will continue to provide as many options as possible while following our goal to play an important role in the DeFi space. In the span of 12 months, we launched 19 new tokens. These include our own GIV token whose utility includes being CryptoLocally’s governance token, as well as the hotly demanded BTC.

Payment methods available

As a P2P marketplace, we aim to make transferring to and from crypto as frictionless as possible. In this stride, we added more than 20 new payment methods this year, including the long-anticipated Instant Offers which works with credit card payment.

Instant payment with your Credit/Debit card

In such a fast-paced world, there is no time to waste. With “Instant Buy”, get your crypto without having to wait for a trader to fund the escrow. You can use “Instant Buy” without even having to log in or sign up! Read more here.

Upload LocalBitcoins, Paxful and LocalCryptos Profile

Your reputation is important. This is why we added the functionality to import your reputation from other P2P sites like LocalCryptos and Paxful, on top of LocalBitcoin.

Learn more about how to import your reputation by reading our guide.

Ambassador Program

Alongside GIVernance, we hope to accelerate and leverage the strength of our community. With our Ambassador Program, you can represent CryptoLocally in your local community and communicate with the internal team.

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Know your local traders

Make your trades more efficient by joining your regional Telegram group. Trading with people in your country or timezone makes trades faster and easier.

Referral Program — Earn crypto without moving a finger

With the Referral Program, earn up to 20% of the commission fee for each time a user you referred trades! Get instant payouts whenever and however you want, thanks to the absence of deposit or withdrawal limits. Now, sit back, share your referral code, and watch your payout grow! Read more here.

GIV Token

GIV is CryptoLocally’s native utility token. It opens doors to numerous benefits in P2P trading such as possibly enjoying lower trading fees. At the same time, GIV is GIVernance’s governance token, meaning that you can create and vote on where CryptoLocally should be headed.
GIV is fundamentally designed to generate exceptionally high upsides when yield farming and have lower transaction costs (gas fees) the more it scales.

Learn more about GIV token here.

New Partnerships

In expanding CryptoLocally’s reach and functionality, we collaborated with other companies. With many of our partnerships being related to DeFi, we are truly excited to see how our relationships will evolve.