Companies That Accept Bitcoin As A Payment Method

4 min readNov 3, 2020

Bitcoin has now existed for more than a decade, and although mass adoption of cryptocurrencies has not become a reality quite yet, the industry is showing signs that it is indeed possible.

One of the signs that cryptocurrency use is growing is the increasing number of companies that offer Bitcoin and/or other cryptocurrencies as payment for their products and services. As this list continues to grow, the incentive for buying Bitcoin will grow also, considering that there will be more places and ways that people can use it.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the many companies that accept Bitcoin as payment.


Microsoft has accepted Bitcoin as a payment option for purchasing apps, games, and other digital content from Windows, Windows phone, Xbox Games, Xbox Music, and Xbox Video Stores since 2014.


Online retailer Overstock, which sells items for lower prices after they have been overstocked, has partnered with Coinbase to provide bitcoin as a payment option for their online orders.

Burger King

Burger King’s in Venezuela, according to local news sources, announced that purchases could be made using Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Tether.


In 2018, KFC Canada started accepting Bitcoin as payment as an option in its online checkout via BitPay


NewEgg sells computer hardware and has become a popular company in the crypto community. Due to this popularity, NewEgg has now begun accepting payments for hardware in Bitcoin.


Bitcoin.Travel, a popular travel site for finding flights and accommodation around the world accepts Bitcoin as payment.


Wikimedia operates the largest open-source encyclopedia on the internet, which is Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a free service, however, it does accept Bitcoin donations. Wikipedia has long advertised and been proud of the fact that it is a free service. However, in order to remain a free service, the company focuses on seeking donations as a way of covering expenses. Wikimedia started taking donations in Bitcoin back in 2014, well before many people had even heard of the cryptocurrency., a company that offers flight booking services online, were early adopters of Bitcoin, offering their Bitcoin payments function in 2013! In fact, they were the first online travel website to offer Bitcoin as a payment option. The company offers flights on all of the world’s major airlines. is a travel website from Spain that has been translated into 28 languages! The site allows payments for flights and hotels in Bitcoin. With 28 languages offered, the site is widely available around the world.


Latvia’s national airline, AirBaltic, allows payments for flights between the Baltic states and Europe in Bitcoin, so if you are based in that region, check it out! They started. They started accepting Bitcoin payments in 2013!


Gift card company eGifter that provides a way for shoppers to buy physical and digital gift cards to a variety of different popular stores. You can even buy your gift cards with Bitcoin!


Expedia has partnered with Coinbase to allow its customers to pay for travel accommodations with Bitcoin. In addition, it has been announced that more than 700,000 Expedia group hotels and accommodations are available through crypto travel booking platform Travala. You can now book your stay at one of these hotels and pay with over 30 different cryptocurrencies!


Shopify makes it easy for store merchants to choose to accept Bitcoin as payment for products they sell at their stores. So, if you are shopping on a store powered by Shopify, be sure to ask the store merchant if they accept Bitcoin. It’s also easy for them to set up Bitcoin payment if they haven’t set it up on their store already.

Are you in the UK? You might want to try ordering food from! They allow you to order take out food from many different companies in the UK and pay for your food with Bitcoin.

PexPeppers sells hot sauces, pepper seeds, and pepper-focused apparel. Feel like trying a new hot sauce but don’t want to pay with cash? At PexPeppers, you can make purchases with Bitcoin as well!

AT & T

AT & T became the first major U.S. mobile carrier to allow payment in Bitcoin through BitPay.

Virgin Galactic

Have you always dreamed of going to space? Virgin Galactic accepts Bitcoin as payment for future space tourism missions. In fact, the company’s founder, Richard Branson, announced that the company accepted Bitcoin for space flights in 2013!

Richard Branson is a fan of Bitcoin because his companies have always been focused on forward thinking technologies, and he sees Bitcoin as innovative as well.

Not sure if a certain store accepts Bitcoin payments? Go to and search for the store to find out! On you can spend BTC at hundreds of stores!


Bitplaza is an app that allows you to purchase anything with Bitcoin instead of cash. You can shop for your favorite brands and then buy your items using Bitcoin. Purchase electronics, toys, tools, sports equipment, and more!

Bitcoin is here to stay

The fact that Bitcoin is being accepted as a payment method by so many well-known brands signals that cryptocurrencies are here to stay. This list included just some of the many companies that allow Bitcoin payment. There are actually many more as well, too many to mention in one article!

Tools like Bitplaza and can help you find even more businesses that accept Bitcoin, and some that accept other cryptocurrencies also! Now that you can pay for many regular items using Bitcoin instead of fiat currencies, Bitcoin has entered the mainstream economic market.

Do you think you will use Bitcoin for your next purchase?




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