Buy Crypto Instantly With Our New Feature: Credit Card Payment

CryptoLocally strives to make the transition from FIAT to crypto as simple and fast as possible. Just this past month, Google Pay, Skrill, Paytm, Western Union became supported payment methods. Keeping this pace, we are excited to announce a popular desired feature: you can now instantly buy cryptos with your credit card!

With this new feature, anyone* can buy BTC, BNB, TRX, EOS, and ETH instantly through CryptoLocally. In order to maximize speed while keeping high security standards, KYC verification has been implemented for credit card transactions only. * List of unsupported countries and US states

This article is a step-by-step guide on buying cryptos with your credit card.

Buying cryptos with your credit card is starting from the same step as other payment methods.

1. First, click “Buy” on the navigation bar at the top left. Then, click the “Instant Buy” button to purchase crypto with your Credit card. If you want to see offers only for credit card transactions, the Select Payment Method filter can help.

2. Here, select the crypto that you want to purchase. Available cryptos are BTC, ETH, TRX, BNB, and EOS.

Enter the amount of money* you want to spend for the selected crypto and click “Buy” to continue.
* The minimum amount is $60 USD

3. Type your email address, click “SEND ME CODE,” and check your inbox!

You will have received an email containing a secure login code to type in.

4. After logging in, select the payment method — Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Sepa…).

Then, type your wallet address and tick the box to confirm you agree with the terms and conditions. Click I accept to proceed.

5. A fast and easy KYC verification will take place to make the transaction secure. To begin, press start verification.

A new window, powered by Ondato, will appear for the verification. The verification will be done by taking a photo of your face and an official document confirming your identity. Such a document can be your ID or passport (written in Roman/Latin alphabet). To take the photos, please ensure your device has a camera.

6. Ensure all information presented to you is correct and click COMPLETE PAYMENT!

Enter all card details and billing address. Finally, click pay now to complete the payment :)

Check your wallet now:) You successfully bought crypto with your credit card!

With this new feature, CryptoLocally enables users to trade cryptos almost instantly with a credit card. We hope our new “Instant Buy” feature will allow you to purchase cryptocurrencies more easily than ever before!



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