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What is GIV?

Discount/Incentive Token Functionality

GIV was first integrated into CryptoLocally as a native discount and incentive token. At the moment, you can earn $GIV while trading on CryptoLocally, after each trade, both users are awarded GIV based on the traded amount. You can also earn interest on your GIV holdings directly on the Finance wallet. There are also a couple cool features like boosting your offers or discount coupons with your GIV.

GIV — The GIVernance Token

GIV is the governance token on CryptoLocally, creating a truly decentralized gateway to blockchain and DeFi. GIV holders will receive voting rights, which is giving GIV holders the ability to control the level of inflation, staking rewards, free float (by way of token burns), vote on CLV strategies and even vote for new listings on CryptoLocally.

Building a complete cross-chain DeFi ecosystem powered by CryptoLocally Vaults (CLVs) and GIV

CryptoLocally’s Finance Wallet v1 allows users to earn interest on their digital assets through a simple set-up process. It has been designed with ease-of-use in mind so that anyone can gain access to DeFi. Finance Wallet v1 uses Compound in order to generate interest for its users, but Finance Wallet v2 and v3 will come with significant upgrades while the simple UI remains the same. With v2, users will be able to earn risk-adjusted, optimal yield through yield farming smart contracts on Ethereum. CryptoLocally plans to integrate some of the most promising yield aggregators such as idle.finance, which utilizes lending protocols including Compound, Fulcrum, dy/dx, Aave, and Maker, in order to increase yield based on risk tolerance and strategy. They will also increase the total potential APY earned for each user by adding GIV staking rewards based on how much they stake into the CLVs. V3 will scale this model further with yield optimizing smart contracts deployed on Tron, Binance Chain, EOS.IO chains, and Solana, which will open up whole new yield opportunities for users, all in one place. By doing so, CryptoLocally will have a gateway to a complete ecosystem around DeFi for both retail and enterprise users, anchored by its native GIV token.


Total Supply: 1 Billion GIV
Airdrop: 1% (10M) — Current Circulating Supply
GIV was airdropped on Binance Chain when it was first issued over a year ago as a promise to the community for supporting our listing on Binance DEX.

Seed: 21% (210M)
16.7% unlock at the end of Bonding Curve Distribution (GIV Auction), 6 month total vesting

Private Sale: 9% (90M)

25% unlock at the end of Bonding Curve Distribution, 9 month total vesting thereafter

Bonding Curve Distribution: 3% (30M)
Fully unlocked (public sale)

Team: 15% (150M)
3 year vesting schedule, 1 year cliff at the end of the Bonding Curve Distribution

Advisors: 5% (50M)
2 year vesting schedule, 6 month cliff starting at the end of the Bonding Curve Distribution

Marketing, Partnerships, & Promotions: 19% (190M)
10% unlocked after the Bonding Curve Distribution and another 10% unlocked the month thereafter for aggressive marketing. The remaining 80% will be vested over the remainder of two years.

Foundation: 20% (200M)
Vested over 2 years starting at the end of the Bonding Curve Distribution

Security & Alignment: 2% (20M)
20% unlocked after the Bonding Curve Distribution (for security audits). 9 month vesting thereafter.

Staking rewards: 5% (50M) — Variable
Maximum 8M tokens rewarded for staking in the first month, and it will likely decrease afterwards. Token holders will decide staking rewards in the future by voting through GIVernance.

Burns: ? — Variable
Discount coupon purchases, boost purchases, withdrawal fees, etc for GIV on CryptoLocally.com will be burned periodically. Additional burn rates will be determined by token holder votes through GIVernance.

Below is a pie chart of the allocations.

The diagram below illustrates the release schedule. Note that the actual circulating supply at any given time will be lower due to token burns.

The circulating supply at the end of the Bonding Curve Distribution will be less than 13.8% (138M GIV).


To provide transparency for the GIV community, we have provided the price breakdown for the seed and private sale rounds:
Seed — Average price: 0.0024 USD/GIV

Private — Average price: 0.004 USD/GIV

The largest holders have been publicized in our private sale announcement.

GIV BEP-2 vs. ERC-20

GIV was airdropped on Binance Chain when it was first issued over a year ago as a promise to the community for supporting our listing on Binance DEX. Therefore, GIV was initially issued on the Binance Chain. Very small amounts of GIV are trading on the Binance DEX, and the volume is negligible due to the limited circulating supply. The token page for GIV (BEP-2) can be found here.

Recently, 500M GIV (BEP-2) was burned on the Binance Chain and 500M GIV (ERC-20) was issued on Ethereum.

All GIV token holders, BEP-2 or ERC-20, will be able to swap between GIV on either chain through CryptoLocally by depositing through one chain and withdrawing through another. This feature will be available at the end of the Bonding Curve Distribution Event. We will be publishing a guide on how to use the bridge in the coming days.

Watch out for Scams!

As always, be careful and double-check everything. We can guarantee that CryptoLocally team members will not PM you first. Do not fall prey to imposters and scammers.

Whenever you are in doubt, you are more than welcome to reach out CryptoLocally admins on the CryptoLocally (GIV) Telegram community.

For your reference, the address of the GIV (ERC-20) token is:

GIV (BEP-2) was issued by the following address:


There are NO Uniswap pools and/or Balancer pools at the time of writing. Third party pools may form after the GIV auction begins. The CryptoLocally (GIV) team will be seeding its own Balancer pool after the Bonding Curve Distribution and sharing the pool address afterwards. When in doubt, always check that the GIV token contract address is correct.

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This information is not investment advice. Please read the full disclaimer before investing.

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