A New Way to Buy WAX on CryptoLocally: Direct SEPA Transfers

3 min readAug 14, 2020

CryptoLocally is focused on providing the best trading experience possible for people who use our platform. In seeking to offer the largest variety of purchase options, we are working to add new ways to buy cryptocurrencies. Today we are announcing that European users can now buy cryptos with our new “Direct SEPA Transfers” feature!

What is WAX

WAX (Worldwide Asset Exchange) is a decentralized platform that allows users to trade online video game assets.

WAX tokens enable virtual goods to be exchanged for cryptocurrency, helping to power gamers to buy and sell in-game items.

The WAX platform consists of the following:

  • The WAX Blockchain
  • A decentralized marketplace (similar to Amazon)
  • Decentralized virtual item trading and generation (similar to Steem)
  • Decentralized wallets (similar to PayPal)

These four pieces of the platform form what is called the W.A.S.P. Strategy.

With the WAX platform you can trade virtual items to anyone, anywhere in the world!

WAX was built by a team that understands the digital goods market well, having previously spent 20+ years operating another successful digital goods business with millions of customers before building WAX. With an estimated $2 trillion market potential, WAX is poised for continued success in the virtual goods and gaming industry.

How to Buy WAX via direct SEPA transfer

To buy WAX on CryptoLocally:

  1. Select WAX from the cryptocurrency options in the top right corner of the header when you login to CryptoLocally.com.

2. Click on “Buy” in the top left corner of the header.

3. For the payment method, select “SEPA Transfer”.

Then select the “DirectSEPA” offer from the list of available offers.

For more information about how to buy WAX via direct SEPA transfer, follow the steps outlined in this guide, but in Step 4 choose SEPA transfer and in Step 6, pay via SEPA transfer instead of with your credit card.




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