Business update for Cryptolocally p2p trading

An update to all our investors, traders, and community members on the progress of Cryptolocally in 2021 and plans going forward.

Cryptolocally is a leading non-custodial P2P marketplace offering support for over 15 different cryptocurrencies and regularly adding more.

We are the first fully decentralized P2P marketplace, thanks to GIVernance and we are the only P2P fiat to decentralized finance (DeFi) gateway in the market, thanks to our DeFi feature with the Earn Wallet.

We redefined the boundaries of a P2P marketplace and continue to innovate for our users. …

As promised on Twitter, Cryptolocally is introducing a new coin to the revolutionary P2P Marketplace: BTT. The addition of BTT will be the latest coin to be supported from the TRON ecosystem, with many more to come. BTT, short for BitTorrent Token, is a cryptocurrency launched by BitTorrent — a platform known for its P2P file-sharing network. BitTorrent launched BTT with the hopes of creating additional incentives to torrenting and improving download speeds.

What is TRON?

TRON is a secure and scalable blockchain that uses delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS), with more than 2 billion completed transactions to date. DPoS is the same consensus protocol…

They say good things come to those who wait and apart from this, good things make up the content enough to excite those who have waited for the Legends of Mitra whitepaper. For all our game lovers we will give you a tip of the iceberg here and of course refer you to the whitepaper to fill yourself with all the details. Indeed it is an exciting journey. You can say it is the beginning of your journey to becoming a LEGEND.

Let’s dive in.

Before highlighting the exciting features of LoM, let’s integrate you with what Legend of Mitra…

Cryptolocally has appointed Mr. Timothy Ding as Head of Partnerships for the Asia Pacific.

Timothy is a veteran of the IT industry and also an advisor in various organizations spanning from IT Managed Services to the Cloud industry. Prior to Cryptolocally, Timothy was Managing Director at Kronicles, a data backup solution and disaster recovery provider.

To celebrate the launch of the highly anticipated Warrior Legends series, Cryptolocally and Warrior Legends are giving away 9 NFT card packs (3 NFT card packs containing 30 cards + 6 NFT card packs containing 10 cards) + 1,500 WAX in total!

At the end of the trading contest, the top 3 accounts with the largest WAX trading volume will win the first 3 prizes. The more volume you trade, the more likely you’re going to win!

Bonus Prizes: 1 NFT card pack containing 10 cards to 3 random participants

Social Prizes: 1 NFT card pack containing 10 cards to…

We are excited to share the extensive progress Gem Studios (previously GemsLab) made on its third blockchain game, Legends of Mitra. A short clip recently released hints at the battles users will be having all over the world. A dedicated website showcases more details on the game’s development stages and promises a multi-platform launch on Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS.

Gem Studios is Cryptolocally’s first incubation project and the creators of renowned blockchain games like Angry Warlords and Dragon Fly. Its mission is to introduce blockchain and crypto to the masses through casual games that seamlessly integrate blockchain technology.

Introducing Legends of Mitra


We are pleased to announce that the winners of our Cryptolocally new platform contest are:

- Complete a trade winners:

5 prize winners: $300 US in GIV each: fuziondeveos, Stjosef, Annypat, johngalt, Vega_

- $50 Social winners (Twitter):

5 prize winners: $50 US in GIV each: Titinfitri5, Maruf559755, imdeveshdutta, ayz_crypto, MLSKumral

- $25 Social winners (Twitter):

10 prize winners: $25 US in GIV each: loversky20, Ketun14, Awih32737474, Rohit1073670, Vinda10503146, SRTEMIS, nigthercrow, Misscrypto15, Maruf559755, faisalcryptoo

Congratulations to everyone!

How to receive your prize:

We will send the details on how to receive the prize via your registered email on Cryptolocally. …

We are excited to deliver on our promise of partnerships that will overhaul Cryptolocally behind the scenes, complementing our recently redesigned platform. The first on the list is integrating Polygon (the creator of MATIC), a protocol and framework for building blockchain networks. We didn’t stop there — we are also listing Polygon’s MATIC to expand Cryptolocally’s token offerings and Polygon’s market reach. This listing will accelerate user acquisition for both parties.

This new listing will make Cryptolocally the first P2P platform to offer MATIC. MATIC traders will soon be able to leverage Cryptolocally’s secure, easy-to-use and community-run P2P crypto marketplace…

To celebrate the launch of the highly anticipated new CryptoLocally platform, we are giving away $2000 USD in GIV to lucky winners.

There are 3 ways that you can win. Winners will be picked at random from users who completed at least one of the following rules.

How to join:

  1. Sign up to CryptoLocally & Retweet this post: 5 Winners will get 50$ each.
  2. 10 CryptoLocally users who Retweet this post & tag 3 friends will stand a chance to win an additional $25 USD each!
  3. Complete a trade: 5 Winners that complete a trade & have Retweeted this post will split $1500…

When we launched in 2018, Cryptolocally focused on delivering the most secure way to trade P2P. This principle came to life with our smart escrow — a non-custodial, smart contract powered solution that eliminates the middleman across all trades.

Ever since then, Cryptolocally grew massively by consistently adding new tokens and payment methods. Of course, we added features that put us on the forefront of the industry. With GIVernance, we became the first fully decentralized P2P marketplace. With the Earn Wallet (previously called the Finance Wallet), we became the first P2P exchange to have a DeFi (decentralized finance) feature.



The first fully decentralised P2P crypto trading platform!

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